You stand

Primed and prepared

With sturdy walking boots

Strapped securely round 

Your well-trained ankles

Your back supports an

Impenetrable rucksack 

Full of knowledge accumulated

Over the years

It weighs heavily on

Your young shoulders

But it’s comforting

It keeps the wind off you and

In your hand is a 

Hand carved walking stick

Shaped and smoothed

By friends and those 

Who love you

A third leg- support

Should you need it

You’re still for now but

You know you are capable

Of leaping and jumping


The years of experience

Have given you the agility

Of a mountain goat

And the paths you’ve walked

The strength of 

A resilient donkey

But in your head

There resides a doubt

That not even the hat

Of exploration

Can shelter you from

As you stand at the 

Fork in the road

You’re prepared for


They tell you

The whole world’s 

At your feet

But at this moment

At this cliff face of choice

Towering above 

All you can think is

I want to jump off

And fly