So, we’re coming out guys: we’re sisters, and by that I mean real-life sisters. We both have the same eurasian mix, even if she is a tad pastier than me, and I’m more ginger than her. We both have freckles, and that’s all you need to know. Oh, and that we are pretty sweet apart, but even more awesome combined. You have been warned. Enjoy! 

She was the younger but she thought
The wiser for she was older but

Not yet so knowing
She knew a little though and
That was of her kindness
Her tenderness her
Way of reading her without
And the knowledge was gradual 
As the older watched the younger
Getting older and seeing formation
Of her own and not her own
Always there with a smile
She looked up and she looked 
Down the ladder
Where support came from
Above as well as below
The order of ascent was mere
Coincidence though and 
In time the rungs dissolved into
Shared clouds of 
Solidarity alight in warm
Vibrant colour with the love of

With the lovely and talented mapsandglue, and me, her sister. N’aww.